Benefits of Accoya

Accoya® turns everything you know about wood on its head.

The benefits of Accoya® mean that timber projects can now be designed with absolute confidence. Accoya® is stable, water resistant wood and warrantied. Our quality mark signals the Accoya® difference.



Accoya® brings unprecedented reliability for timber; it is checked and trusted not to visibly swell, shrink or distort, with minimal movement. Highly durable, it withstands the test of any climate and is a highly rot resistant wood. And what’s more, it stays that way – a 50 year above ground, and 25 year below ground and freshwater warranty are testament to the fact that you can expect to enjoy your Accoya® wood for many decades to come.

Accoya kozijnhout


Accoya® is the truly sustainable choice that helps you meet global challenges like climate change. From source to production and through to end of life, sustainability shines through. Accredited by the FSC® and Cradle to Cradle Gold certified™, it is the only construction material in the world to achieve C2C Platinum certification™ for Material Health. With a low carbon footprint, you can help combat carbon emissions for a healthier world. It’s also non toxic, so safe for people and pets as well as the planet.

Duurzaam Accoya 4 mangrove


Finish sums up many of the reasons architects and manufacturers love working with Accoya® – coatings look brilliant and last longer, and its easy and hassle free care save time and money in the long-term. It also offers huge design freedom, with the ability to create a multitude of textural finishes such as smooth, charred and brushed, plus bespoke size and finish options for endless creativity.


Ambulancepost Accoya 4| Gelderland Midden


For more information regarding the (technical) properties of Accoya® and for more information regarding the machining, bonding and finishing of Accoya®. This can all be found in the Accoya® information guide.

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